Marc Scott Zicree has written for such great shows such as Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Sliders, Babylon 5, Smurfs, He-Man, Real Ghostbusters, and many many more. 

Marc Scott Zicree is the author of the most comprehensive book on the original series, The Twilight Zone Companion, which he wrote when he was in his early twenties. It's the #1 best selling book about the 1959-1964 series, and is now in it's 3rd edition with greatly expanded content. Marc has been called THE World's expert on The Twilight Zone. He has interviewed cast and crew members, famous Sci-Fi writers, and pored through Rod Serling's Estate to research the most in-depth coverage on The Twilight Zone ever assembled.

In addition to writing the best selling 'Twilight Zone Companion', Marc also produced every major edition (from VHS to Laser Disc, to the DVD and BluRay) of The Twilight Zone. Marc also recorded the full-episode commentaries of 54 episodes on the BluRay set. Now, Marc is completing the commentaries of all the remaining episodes - 156 episodes in total - and YOU can literally be a part of it.

Twilight Zone Commentaries - Item Details

The Commentaries

You'll be invited to watch live every week as Marc records commentaries on 2 Twilight Zone episodes per week. Then, you'll get a copy of all 102 new episode commentaries to watch and re-watch at your leisure. The original BluRay contains 54 commentaries, and this is the ONLY way to complete the collection, with 156 commentaries in total.

The Memories

An Exclusive video of Marc talking about his experiences with The Twilight Zone and how he went about writing The Twilight Zone Companion. 

The Rarities

You get The Commentaries, plus a copy of Twilight Zone Rarities from Marc Zicree's personal collection. Including Twilight Zone publicity photos, interviews with the stars, and much more. Above is just an example - a rare photo signed by Burgess Meredith

The Book


Everything in “The Rarities”, plus a copy of the Third Edition of The Twilight Zone Companion, the best selling and most detailed book on the Twilight Zone available, signed by author Marc Zicree!

The T-Shirt

Everything in “The Book”, plus a t-shirt reading (in Twilight Zone font) “I’M A TWILIGHT ZONE COMPANION” on the front, and “Marc Zicree’s Watching” on the back.

The Video

Everything in “The T-Shirt”, plus a video download of Twilight Zone rarities. 

The BluRay

THIS IS A REMARKABLE BUNDLE - you get everything in "The Video" (The Rarities video download, T-Shirt, Signed Twilight Zone Companion book, plus a signed copy of The Twilight Zone BluRay set (which includes the first 53 commentaries originally done by Marc Zicree) - so  when combined with the 101 new episode commentaries, you will have commentary by the World's Twilight Zone Expert, Marc Zicree on EVERY EPISODE of the original Twilight Zone!

This is not available anywhere else in the world - this is EXCLUSIVE TO THIS SITE! This is a MUST HAVE item for the serious TZ fan!

The Dedication

You get the complete audio commentaries, plus you get an episode of your choice* dedicated to you (101 episodes to choose from) plus Marc Zicree will answer your questions about that episode during the commentary!

Your name will forever be in the new commentary set, on that episode's commentary.

*your choice of any episode not already recorded and taken by someone else.

The Co-Commentator

You get the audio commentaries - plus you will get to actually do the commentary on the episode of your choice* (101 Episodes to choose from) live with Marc Zicree!

That's right - YOU will be a Co-Host / Co-Commentator and YOU will be part of The Twilight Zone Commentaries forever!

*subject to availability on a "first-come, first-serve" basis

The Archives

This is the absolute ultimate Twilight Zone pack for the ultimate Twilight Zone fan. You'll get the audio commentaries, the signed book, the signed BluRay, the t-shirt, the a copy of the Rarities, PLUS a copy of Marc Zicree's entire Twilight Zone Companion files. Including interviews, photos, rare, never before seen, behind the scenes, everything you'll ever want to know about the Twilight Zone.

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And if you're a Twilight Zone aficionado yourself, there is even the opportunity for a select few to actually co-host / co-commentate your favorite Twilight Zone episode yourself!

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